Margaret Lucke

Tales of Love, Ghosts and Murder

Schaum’s Quick Guide to
Writing Great Short Stories

McGraw-Hill • ISBN 0-07-039077-0 • $10.95

"This book is a gem."

Sharpen your pencil and get ready to write captivating, memorable short stories—the kind that keep readers glued to the page. Quickly and simply, this concise guide gives you clear explanations, proven tips and techniques that show you how to:
• Come up with dynamic ideas
• Create characters who come to life on the page
• Develop a unique and compelling plot
• Bring readers into a vivid story world
• Develop your individual writer’s voice

This stimulating book will help you to start confidently, write freely, finish strongly, and make the most of your writing ability.

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Writing Mysteries by Margaret Lucke
A Relative Stranger by Margaret Lucke

Writing Mysteries

Self-Counsel Press • ISBN 1-55180-205-8 • $17.95

"Excellent pointers…a well-done
how-to book."


Mystery is a tantalizing word. It suggests secrets and intrigue, an opportunity to peek behind closed doors, shines light into shadowy corners, and unlock truths about the human heart and mind. If you want to write a mystery, this book is for you. Writing Mysteries explores the art, craft, and business of crime and suspense writing. It guides aspiring mystery writers through a practical process for creating a successful mystery—from finding ideas and inventing engaging characters to getting published. Writing Mysteries helps writers understand today’s vibrant, diverse mystery genre and shows how to take advantage of the opportunities the genre presents.


A Relative Stranger

St. Martin’s Press • ISBN 0-312-06307-5

"Powerful storytelling"

Anthony Award Nominee:
Best First Mystery Novel

Beautiful, scandalous Deborah Collington has been found murdered in an alley after an arts-benefit ball. Her valuable diamond-and- emerald necklace is missing. The case comes to San Francisco artist and private investigator Jess Randolph. When the father who abandoned her as a child turns up as the prime suspect, Jess is faced with more than a homicide case—she must solve the mystery of her own past. Her search to learn the truth about the murder and her family’s secrets takes her into a world of art galleries, theaters, marinas, and exotic gems. And soon she finds herself in a conflict that threatens her career and ultimately her life.


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